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Three Rivers Ashtanga Yoga Group

Class guidelines

Wear comfortable, lightweight workout clothes and bring a sweat towel and yoga mat


$5 per participant/per session for Studio Rental


Primary Series Discontinued
introductory instruction
By Appointment (509)-845-1062

Class descriptions


In a Mysore class, each practioner performs a pre-defined sequence of postures. The leader assists, when desired, and introduces new postures into the sequence. This is the method used by Pattabois Jois in Mysore, India. Studios that are authorized to provide ashtanga instruction by Jois are required to offer Mysore classes, so they are available in any large metropolitan area.

Primary series

Unlike Mysore practice, this is actually a 'class', with all students performing the same postures at the same time. The postures are in a fixed sequence called 'the primary series'; the leader sets the pace, introduces postures, and assists the practitioners.

Beginner's instruction

This instruction is offered in parallel with the Mysore class. Beginning students do not require the full 2 hrs of practice, but they do require additional instructions -- if several beginners are present, they are taught as a group.