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Three Rivers Ashtanga Yoga Group

Patrick Paulson I moved to the tri-cities area in 2004 and brought with me a dedication to Ashtanga Yoga. The Tri-cities, while not large, does have a lot of people moving in and out; so I imagine at least some of them are looking to continue their ashtanga practice. For a time I searched the web and local yoga studios to find those with similar interests but without much success. So I've put together this web site, and occasionally put up fliers, so that other new-comers to the tri-city area that love ashtanga can find and form a practice group.
Eric Berg I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga off and on since 1995 because it's a detailed yet in-the-moment practice that is good for both mind and body. My work from 2001 to 2011 takes me between Tri-cities and UC Irvine in CA -- half the time in each place. So in CA I practice at the Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala, and in Tri-Cities I was fortunate to meet up with Patrick in 2004. The last couple years I've been going to the Spokane yoga shala for workshops and immersions with certified teacher David Garrigues, and completed a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher training in July 2011. I very much enjoy supporting the interest in Ashtanga in the Tri-cities. You can read more at http://yoga.psiontist.com. namaste.
Aisling Fernandez Running and cycling have been my main mental and physical outlets since middle school and college, respectively. I learned that yoga is beneficial for the tight, unbalanced muscles of a runner's body and initially practiced with some yoga videos. When I moved to Richland in the summer of 2009, I took my first few yoga classes with various teachers and various styles. In the Winter '09-'10, I took up the challenge of leaving home at 5AM with Eric and Patrick to practice a more rigorous and structured variety called "Ashtanga Yoga." Since then, I have been practicing only once a week, now increasing to twice weekly, yet I feel increasingly light, loose and aware of my body. I attribute a recent personal record in the half marathon (first place finish for women) to the flexibility and focus on the breathe from yoga. The breath and patience of distance training and Ashtanga yoga go hand-in-hand. I love the simple requirements to practice yoga- enough floor/ground space for the length of your body and a quiet mind- you could practice anywhere in the world. It's been wonderful and it's just the beginning. Namaste.