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Three Rivers Ashtanga Yoga Group
Traditional power yoga

Eric Berg

I've been practicing Ashtanga yoga off and on since 1995 because it's a detailed yet in-the-moment practice that is good for both mind and body. My work from 2001 to 2011 takes me between Tri-cities and UC Irvine in CA -- half the time in each place. So in CA I practice at the Pacific Ashtanga Yoga Shala, and in Tri-Cities I was fortunate to meet up with Patrick in 2004. The last couple years I've been going to the Spokane yoga shala for workshops and immersions with certified teacher David Garrigues, and completed a 200hr Registered Yoga Teacher training in July 2011. I very much enjoy supporting the interest in Ashtanga in the Tri-cities. You can read more at http://yoga.psiontist.com. namaste.